November 24th - 4PM

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November 24th - 4PM


**You are paying $150 today of a $500 total session**

This is a 3 hour appointment where I sit with you and read your birth chart with you, explaining all your planets as well as the signs and houses they are in. We will go pretty in depth and this can sometimes be an emotional experience for certain people (you are in safe hands).

In order to move forward to the purchase page you will be prompted to provide me your
Date, time, and place of birth as well as your email address.

After the chart reading we will pick out 3 images from my flash. One for your sun, one for your moon and one for your rising. Once you’ve chosen which images you’d like, we can either spend time putting them together to make one cohesive piece or you are welcomed to get them as three separate pieces.

Please take a look at the past posts on my instagram for examples.

For payment, the shop takes both cash and card. If you chose to pay with card please note that sales tax is applied.

Once you have purchased this session deposit I will send you an email with the address to the shop and more information.

Thank you!!

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