After care

*This aftercare is specific to using the bandage Tegaderm

+ Take bandage off after 48 to 72 hours

+ Remove bandage in shower with the tattoo facing away from all water pressure. Peel bandage from top to bottom (with the hair grain) peeling back close along the skin.

+ Once bandage is removed wash gently with Dr. Bronners soap (or unscented dial soap). Make sure soap is diluted with water. When you’re done washing, splash the soap off.

+ Pat tattoo dry with paper towel

+ Let air dry for 10 minutes

+ Put a thin layer of Shea Butter or unscented lotion on the tattoo.

+ Wash and moisturize once a day until healed (about three days)

+ Moisturize for at least 2 weeks after the tattoo.

***This bandage is water proof but please note that you cannot soak your tattoo in a body of water for 2 weeks regardless of this bandage.