Image by  Jess Chen

Image by Jess Chen

About Tea

Tea Leigh is a queer tattooer that has been living in Brooklyn for the past 7 years. With a background in music, installation art, photography and postpartum healing as a doula, Tea now concentrates on and hand poked tattooing and story telling.
Tea co-owns their own interdisciplinary tattoo studio, Welcome Home, with partner business Kelli Kikcio.

Tea attended Kansas City Art Institute, majoring in Interdisciplinary studies from 2006 to 2008. Due to some life changing circumstances they were unable to continue their education at KCAI. Tea strongly believes that academic education is not for everyone and that if you have the determination to work harder without a degree - you can be as successful as you aim to be.

Having been a tattooer for 4 years, Tea finds magic through their conversations with their clients. They focus on working with clients to help reclaim their bodies from trauma, body dysmorphia, and the male gaze. The next step to their career is working with the trauma surrounding childhood and young adulthood as well as death.. and possibly a podcast?

Later down the line Tea plans to open a horse sanctuary where they can focus on an all encompassing experience to heal and learn from trauma. Their hopes is that through story telling, tattooing, community and horse riding they can create a positive light around trauma, queerness, gender and death.